Something again about epoxy asphalt

Sep. 21, 2019

Something about Epoxy Asphalt | XiTong

Legendary "super" asphalt, could withstand 300℃ high temperature, bears extreme acid and alkali condition, and is flexible.

"Zhengmin expressway (zhengzhou to Mingquan) is an important communication channel in the expressway network of Henan Province. The whole line adopts the technical standard of two-way four-lane highway. In 2008, Zhengmin Expressway began construction and was managed by the technical team of Southeast University(located in Nanjing). The material used for paving this high speed way is very the domestic 'super asphalt', namely “epoxy asphalt”.

Different from common asphalt, epoxy asphalt is adding epoxy resin into asphalt, reacting with curing agent, that is to say, it is a kind of mixture obtained from epoxy resin, curing agent and raw asphalt via complex chemical modification, to make asphalt with high strength and toughness, and the deformation at high temperature or low temperature become much more less. The material looks simple, as long as asphalt and epoxy resin are mixed in a certain proportion. However, it is extremely difficult to get the right proportion of materials. Scientific research is almost in a blank space."Like blood types, not different to be matched. Asphalt and epoxy obviously don't mix, and that's the problem."The technician said,

The ductility and shrinkage of epoxy asphalt are similar to that of steel plate. When steel plate expands and contracts with cold, epoxy asphalt pavement can advance and retreat together with steel plate(coordination action), so there are few diseases. In addition, epoxy asphalt is usually three to four times stronger than ordinary asphalt.

However, the maintenance period of epoxy asphalt is long and the cost is high. It has to be laid out in the field during production, and a series of chemical reactions take place in the field before curing. From production to construction must be completed within 1 hour, otherwise it can only be abandoned. Construction of the environment temperature to 30-40 degrees is ideal, construction must avoid rainy days.

It has been applied in The Second Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, Runyang Yangtze River Road Bridge and other Bridges, and the effect is excellent.

Something again about epoxy asphalt