QLB-X series tower type Asphalt Mixing Plant

QLB-X series tower type asphalt mixing plant is a new product meeting with the needs of market, based on maturity of QLB series, it put the finished product silo directly under the mixer, which takes less place and reduces energy consumption
  • QLB-X2000 asphalt  plant

    QLB-X2000 asphalt plant

    Model: QLB-X2000

    Rated capacity: 160t/h

    Vibrating screen: 4

    Rated mixing capacity: 2000kg

    Fuel Type: diesel,mazut/heavy oil, gas/LPG,coal powder

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  • QLB-X1500 asphalt plant

    QLB-X1500 asphalt plant

    Model: QLB-X1500

    Rated capacity: 120t/h

    Vibrating screen: 5

    Rated mixing capacity: 1500kg

    Fuel Type: diesel,mazut/heavy oil, gas/LPG,coal powder

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  • QLB-X3000 asphalt plant

    QLB-X3000 asphalt plant

    Model: QLB-X3000

    Rated capacity: 240t/h

    Vibrating screen: 5

    Rated mixing capacity: 3000kg

    Fuel Type: diesel,mazut/heavy oil, gas/LPG,coal powder

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TypeFinished product bin/ready silo directly put under mixer
Model QLB-X down-storage typeQLB-X1500QLB-X2000QLB-X 3000QLB-X4000
Rated productivity120t/h160t/h240t/h320t/h
Volume/number of cold bin10m3/510m3/512m3/616m3/6
Dust collect typeAir back flush
Dust collect resultNo more than 30mg/Nm3  Ringe-Imann grade 1
FuelDiesel/heavy oil/coal powderDiesel/heavy oil
Volume/number of hot bin50t/550t/560t/595t/6
Precision of aggregate meteringLess than ±1.0%Less than ±1.0%
Precision of powder meteringLess than ±1.0%
Precision of asphalt meteringLess than ±0.5%
Mixer ability KG/batch1500200030004000
Volume/number of asphalt tank30m3/250m3/250m3/350 m3/4
Finished product bin volume(T)8080120140
Total power(KW)320450625820
Control systemFull auto computer control(PLC+LED+mouse)


Equipment features

The use of 4-5 batching buckets can effectively control the primary distribution of aggregates; according to the specifications of aggregate materials used in China at present, it is possible to produce asphalt mixtures of different grades without the need of material size changing during production. 

Tower type Asphalt Mixing Plant Data Form

The lifting plate of the drying drum adopts special energy-saving design,  the temperature of the exhaust gas of the drying drum is 90-100 °C during production (the water vapor does not condense at this temperature, which ensures the air permeability of filtering bag and effectively provides the utilization of heat energy. , so as to reduce fuel consumption); the dryer is also equipped with a heavy &residual burner, which can burn any current fuel that of low quality with safety and efficiency, reducing the cost of user.

Tower type Asphalt Mixing Plant Data Form

Hot aggregate elevator adopts double chain design to make the elevator run more smoothly. It is equipped with reducer with brake motor, effectively solving the blocking phenomenon caused by reversing rotation due to sudden shutdown caused by power failure or other reasons during normal production.

The equipment is equipped with a vibrating screen of 5 specifications and 5 hot aggregate silos, which subdivides the specifications of aggregate. At the same time, it can produce asphalt mixture of various aggregate gradations without replacing the screen, which reduces the labor intensity of maintenance personnel and saves precious production time.The screening area of vibrating screen is optimized to reach the maximum, and the screening accuracy of aggregate is improved, so as to ensure the aggregate gradation accuracy.

Tower type Asphalt Mixing Plant Data Form

The hot aggregate weighing gate adopts precise weighing (i.e. secondary feeding of big then small gate) and anti-blocking structure, which effectively improves the measurement accuracy of aggregate and reduces the measurement time of aggregate.

The aggregate weighing bucket adopts double door structure, which can not only reduce the impact of aggregate on the mixing tank, but also shorten the discharging time. When mineral powder enters the mixing tank, the spiral screw spreader(Italia WAM) is adopted to spread the mineral powder evenly into the mixing tank, so that the asphalt mixture could be stirred evenly in the shortest time. The above design can shorten the stirring time by 3-5 seconds.

Tower type Asphalt Mixing Plant Data Form

Mixing tank adopts vortex design, which could mix asphalt mixture evenly in the shortest time. The feeding door of the mixing tank is designed with the full open arc door, which can discharge the mixed asphalt mixture in the shortest time (7 seconds) (5 seconds less than the flipping type), effectively improving the stirring cycle.

Tower type Asphalt Mixing Plant Data Form

The first-stage dust collector adopts gravity type dust collecting method. The biggest feature of the dust collector is that it can effectively separate fine particle aggregates of ≥0.075mm with an efficiency of ≥85%.

The bag filter adopts the reverse air blowing type which is popular in the world. This dust collector reverses the outside air flow through the bag by changing the direction of air flow, making the dust fall off.

The powder storage and conveying system is equipped with a large-capacity filler powder bin, which can meet the requirement of continuous production; the waste powder is designed with upper and lower tanks(stack based), and the waste powder of the upper tank is directly sent to the powder weighing bucket. When the upper tank is full, the waste powder automatically discharged to the lower tank, and the waste powder of the lower tank could be directly discharged.

Tower type Asphalt Mixing Plant Data Form

The operation room divides the high-power part and the control part into two separate areas. The high-power part eliminates the traditional electric cabinet, and all the electrical components are directly installed on the walls of the operation room, making the electrical components easier to dissipate heat and maintain. The operation room adopts the structure of container, whose outer wall adopts the luxury double-layer aluminum alloy gusset plate for nice appearance.

Tower type Asphalt Mixing Plant Data Form