What role does the Asphalt Mixing Plant play in the Development of Society?

Mar. 31, 2020

Any Asphalt Mixing Plant Manufacturer constructing an asphalt mixing station needs to write an environmental impact assessment work. The relevant engineering and technical personnel of the competent department need to conduct field inspections, collect local environmental protection, hydrology, meteorology, geology and other relevant data, and follow the actual test results. The requirements have no impact on the environment. At the same time, this report also needs to be submitted to the competent authority for review, and the project site and the site construction party need a copy.

Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

Basic situation of the project

The contents include the project name, construction unit, legal representative, contact person, contact information, project construction address, project approval department, approval number, construction nature, industry category record and code, and land area, green area, total investment amount and Amount and proportion of environmental protection investment.

Construction project

Detailed introduction to construction projects, generally including: project background and origin, project overview, construction site and surrounding environment relations, project content and scale, general layout, public works, rationality of planning and location selection, industrial policy complex, environment Compatibility analysis. Among them, for the content and scale of the project, the consumption of raw and auxiliary materials and energy, the main production equipment, work system and labor capacity, the length of work and the number of staff must also be explained in detail. Our company also sells Asphalt Mixing Plant.

Environmental quality of the project

Sewage nodes and pollutants

The original pollution situation and major environmental issues related to the construction project need to determine the discharge of pollutants from the construction process and the pollution production nodes during the construction process, which generally include exhaust gas, wastewater, solid waste, and noise.

Natural environment and social environment

Introduce the basic situation of the natural environment and social environment of the project location. The natural environment profile includes: topography, geomorphology, geology, climate, meteorology, hydrology, vegetation, biodiversity, etc .; the social environment profile includes: population and socioeconomic structure, education, medical treatment, land use status, history and culture.

Environmental quality status

The current status of environmental quality and main environmental issues in the area where the project is located: the current status of environmental air, surface water, groundwater, acoustic environment, and ecological environment. And the main environmental protection objectives (listing and protection level): the status of the surrounding environment of the project location, and the main environmental protection objectives.

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