Daily Maintenance of Asphalt Mixing Equipment

Sep. 11, 2020

Asphalt Mixing Equipment is widely used, but the maintenance cost is considerable. Is it possible to extend the service life of asphalt mixing equipment at no cost? To achieve cost-free extension of service life, maintenance! maintenance! Maintenance work must be in place, and important work is said three times. Buying a functional asphalt mixing plant is only the first step, and more importantly, it is the maintenance during the daily operation of the asphalt mixing plant. Standard operation can not only reduce equipment defects, but also reduce the loss of equipment, greatly extend the service life of equipment and reduce operating costs. Large-scale machinery and equipment such as asphalt mixing equipment are most afraid of equipment failures that will affect production and supply. In the production process, some losses are unavoidable, but some problems are often caused by improper maintenance. This situation can be avoided in the early stage. So the question is, how to maintain the equipment correctly and effectively and do the daily maintenance of asphalt mixing equipment?

Asphalt Mixing Equipment

Generally, three-fifths of the machine faults of asphalt mixing equipment are caused by the lack of smoothness of the equipment, and 30% of them are caused by the improper fastening of the machine. According to these two reasons, the daily maintenance of asphalt mixing equipment focuses on four points: anti-corrosion, smoothness, adjustment, and fastening. Anticorrosion is to avoid corrosion of steel structure, maintain the safety of the body, and beautify the appearance. Smoothness can play a role in controlling conflict, reducing wear, cooling, avoiding corrosion, sealing effect, transmitting power and damping. Adjustment means that when the original correct situation changes during the use process, it must be adjusted to restore it. Tightening means that the fasteners are loosened due to the sensation of the equipment during use, and the equipment needs to be fastened from the beginning.