How to effectively manage Asphalt Mixing Plant?

Nov. 27, 2019

The Asphalt Mixing Plant is a device primarily used on roads. The main function is to mix asphalt, gravel, mineral powder and fiber in a certain proportion and heat to the mixing temperature to mix the equipment. At the same time, there are two types of fixed and mobile. Compared with the fixed mixing station, the mobile mixing station is more flexible and convenient and is more suitable for small engineering projects. With the impact of current environmental requirements on the mixing plant industry, the Mobile Type Asphalt Mixing Plant is gaining popularity.

Asphalt Mixing Plant

Asphalt Mixing Plant

1. Strengthen production technology management

In the actual operation of the asphalt mixing plant, improper operation will affect the effectiveness of the operation. Therefore, the production personnel needs to carry out a detailed inspection of various operating procedures, including the lubrication of each component, whether the switch handle is correct, whether the heating of the asphalt mixing station meets the requirements, and whether the parameters are within the allowable range. The asphalt mixing plant can only be started after the inspection is completed. The operator needs to be fully prepared during the operation.

2. Strengthen production management

Production personnel plays an important role in the daily management of asphalt mixing plants. In order to ensure the normal operation and good development of asphalt mixing plants, professional management personnel is required to manage them. First, the leader needs to clarify his responsibilities and analyze all the resource information of the asphalt mixing plant before operation. Second, the operator needs to understand the basic operating principles and be familiar with the operating procedures of the asphalt mixing plant. Then, other people need to be familiar with the management, operation and basic working process of the asphalt mixing plant. They should have a strong sense of responsibility and work enthusiasm.

3. Strengthen cost management

Asphalt mixing plant needs to be invested in the installation process. Inappropriate capital control will cause waste and economic loss. Therefore, the asphalt mixing plant should be effectively managed. First, the operator should effectively control the aggregate to reduce the loss of the mixture. In addition, in order to improve overall economic efficiency, operators should optimize the fuel system and select the appropriate fuel to ensure stable operation of the asphalt mixing plant.

4. Strengthen related information management

Since the asphalt mixing plant is a complete set of equipment, all components have the required technical standards and application parameters. Therefore, managers need to collect and manage their work during maintenance and repair. In order to manage data effectively, it is necessary to back up the data to avoid the material loss or other conditions. In addition, managers should classify all types of information for reference.


1: The stirrer uses high-strength wear-resistant materials to improve the service life;

2: One-stage cyclone dust removal plus two-stage water-type dust collector system and building body negative pressure dustproof design, economical and practical, reducing investment cost for customers;

3: The linear vibrating screen is driven by imported vibration electric motor improves the screening efficiency and reduces the equipment failure rate;

4: The aggregate hoist adopts the plate chain lifting, which increases the service life of the hoist and improves the stability of operation;

5: The optimized drying drum lifting plate structure makes the drying system more efficient and stable;

6: The whole machine adopts modular design, which makes handling and installation more convenient and convenient;

7: Fully automatic computer/manual control system with fault self-diagnosis feedback program makes operation simple and safe.

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