Procedures you may not know before starting up an asphalt plant

Sep. 21, 2019

Maintenance is a necessary and important procedure, so does procedures before starting up the equipment, paying enough attention will reward a lot, just like the habit of your maintaining a car periodically and properly.

What we should do before starting up an asphalt mixing plant or r before normal production?

1. Clean the site, clear the scattered materials near the conveyor belt, and check whether the protective measures of each part of the equipment are safe and reliable.

2. Check whether all parts are in good condition, whether the conveyance is loose, whether the lubrication is sufficient, whether all kinds of aggregate, filler, fuel and asphalt are sufficient and meet the quality requirements.

3. Start the air compressor, manually test whether the opening and closing actions of the three weighing doors and mixing tank doors are normal, and test whether the signal transmission is normal.

4. Start the asphalt spraying pump and test. At the same time, start the asphalt circulating pump to test the starting condition

5. Before starting the automatic ignition of the drying drum burner, start the induced draft fan (with proper air valve) and the burner blower, and let them run for a few minutes before entering the automatic ignition program of the burner.

6. After ignition of the burner, wait until the exhaust gas temperature reaches 100℃ before feed cold raw aggregate.

7. When the equipment is running under load, special personnel should be assigned to track and inspect the equipment, adjust it in time, observe the equipment running state against noise or abnormal phenomenon. If any abnormality is found, the cause should be found out and eliminated in time.

Procedures you may not know before starting up an asphalt plant