How does Asphalt Mixing Plant Generally Choose a Construction Site?

Feb. 20, 2020

As an Asphalt Plant Supplier, share with you. With the development of society and the rapid growth of China's economy, the development of domestic infrastructure is also getting faster and faster. It goes without saying that the market application of our asphalt mixing stations is also gradually increasing. Many users and manufacturers have seen the market potential of the industry. , Have invested in them one after another. Therefore, in this process, it is very important to choose the location of the construction. The location of the asphalt mixing station and the long-term operation in the later period are very directly related.

During the use of the Asphalt Mixing Plant, more or fewer failure conditions will be encountered. The more common is the uneven wear of the supporting wheels and wheel rails, and sometimes there are some abnormal noises and hemming. The main reason for this situation is that after the asphalt mixing station has been working for a period of time, the internal drying cylinder will be exposed to high temperature, and then friction will occur with the supporting rollers and wheel rails.

LB Asphalt Mixing Plant

LB Asphalt Mixing Plant

The above situation will be accompanied by a severe tremor, because of the asphalt mixing station will directly cause the gap between the wheel rail and the supporting roller to be improperly adjusted due to the drying material, or the position of the two will be skewed. When encountering such a situation, the user should add grease to the surface contact position of the supporting wheel and wheel rail after daily operation.

Generally speaking, in order to choose an appropriate construction location for an asphalt mixing station, there are mainly three aspects to pay attention to. The first aspect is that the user needs to be familiar with the direction of the line at the construction site, because the transportation distance of asphalt as raw material directly affects the asphalt quality Therefore, when selecting the address of the concrete asphalt mixing station, it must be fully considered to make it fully meet the needs of the site. The manufacturer also needs to confirm the distribution of the asphalt according to the construction drawings, so that it can be positioned to the approximate center of the asphalt mixing station.

The second aspect is that manufacturers need to master and understand the basic elements of the asphalt mixing station, such as the water, electricity, and floor space required during the operation of the asphalt mixing station.

The last aspect that needs attention is the surrounding environment of the construction site. Asphalt mixing station is a kind of high mechanized processing base. Therefore, pollution such as dust and noise generated during processing will be serious. Therefore, when choosing a construction site, schools and residential groups should be avoided as much as possible. To reduce the impact on the surrounding environment.

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