What is the Process Principle of the Aerobic Biochemical Technology of Asphalt Plant?

Feb. 14, 2020

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Asphalt Plant is a kind of equipment commonly used in the construction industry in daily life. The internal system of this equipment has many process links, and aerobic biochemical technology is one of the important links. Then, ensure the dissolved oxygen required for the stirring medium inside the equipment, and fully mix the stirring medium in the reactor to provide a living space for it and provide favorable reaction conditions for the degradation of organic matter.

Aerobic biochemical technology is considered to be a relatively high cost in the process of asphalt mixing equipment, mainly because the equipment consumes a lot of oxygen and oxygen. At present, it seems that the aerobic aeration process of the stirring medium in the equipment is generally inefficient, but the energy consumption is very high. Generally speaking, the energy consumption cannot be completely converted into working efficiency, and a lot of electrical energy will be wasted and the aeration in the equipment will be wasted. The volume of the pool and the investment in the components of the internal system are very large, so that the stirring medium in the equipment is prone to non-absorption and unevenness.

LB Asphalt Mixing Plant

LB Asphalt Mixing Plant

As the cost of the structure and raw materials of the asphalt mixing station equipment continues to rise, the related operators and internal systems of the asphalt mixing equipment need to be improved and upgraded. Only the internal system and equipment technology and the professional skills of the operators have been improved. Only then can the use of asphalt mixing equipment be maximized.

The design and selection of asphalt mixing equipment has a certain impact on the stirring medium inside the system. The aeration volume is also an important factor. Increasing the internal oxygen transfer rate as much as possible can increase the service life of the mixing equipment. Can provide internal maintenance.

Asphalt industry is currently developing in China more and more rapidly, and the range of use is very wide. The asphalt mixing equipment industry has also developed together. This article next analyzes the current situation of the asphalt industry by the asphalt mixing equipment manufacturers.

There are many factors that affect the development of the asphalt industry. The upstream industry is one of the more influential factors. The upstream industry of the asphalt industry includes petrochemicals, coal, and modification. People in the downstream are more familiar with it, that is, highways and waterproof buildings. Materials and road construction of municipal engineering. Fluctuations in crude oil prices and changes in crude oil processing capacity in upstream industries will directly affect the output and price of the asphalt industry.

The downstream industry of the asphalt industry will also have a great impact on the asphalt industry. In all downstream industries, the amount of asphalt consumed in highway construction accounts for almost 80% of China's total asphalt consumption, and it is not difficult to see that the increase in demand from downstream industries can promote the development of the asphalt industry and also promote prices Promotion.

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