How to Judge the Working Condition of Asphalt Mixing Plant Combustion System?

Feb. 05, 2020

Asphalt Mixing Plant is a complete set of equipment for batch production of asphalt concrete. The whole machine component of this equipment is composed of a variety of systems, such as a batching system, a drying system, a combustion system, a powder supply system, and a dustproof system. Each system is an important part of the asphalt mixing plant. As an Asphalt Mixing Plant Manufacturer, share it with everyone.

The working condition of the combustion system of the asphalt mixing station has a great impact on the entire system, which is related to the economics of the entire system, the accuracy of temperature control, and the emission of flue gas.

Asphalt Mixing Plant

Asphalt Mixing Plant

In general, due to the complexity of the testing equipment and methods, conditions that are not achieved during the operation of most asphalt mixing stations, it is more convenient to judge the working situation through a series of relatively intuitive factors such as the color, brightness and shape of the flame This method is very concise and effective.

When the combustion system of the asphalt mixing station is working, when the fuel is normally burning in the drying cylinder, the user can observe the flame through the front of the cylinder. At this time, the center of the flame should be at the center of the drying cylinder. When it hits the wall, the flame is full. The entire outline of the flame is relatively clear, and there is no smoky tail. The abnormal working condition of the combustion system is, for example, the diameter of the flame is too large. Under this condition, serious carbon deposits will be formed on the furnace tube, which will affect the working status after the combustion system.

Asphalt mixing station refers to the complete set of equipment for batch production of asphalt concrete. It is currently an indispensable equipment for highways, grade highways, municipal roads, airports and ports in China. For this equipment, it needs to reach a lot when it is used. Requirements, and which specific requirements must be met, this article adds a brief introduction.

The asphalt mixing station must first have good stability when used, because if there is no good stability, the asphalt mixing station cannot meet the requirements of the project in terms of requirements or mass production. For road construction As for the asphalt concrete measurement requirements are relatively strict and precise, only qualified asphalt concrete can make the road construction quality meet the actual requirements, so the stability of the asphalt mixing station is very important.

Secondly, when the asphalt mixing station uses its own requirements and has all the required functions, the equipment should be as simple as possible, and the overall operation needs to be reduced as much as possible, so that a lot of manpower investment can be saved during operation. At the same time, the corresponding cost is saved. Although it is simple, it does not mean that the technological content of the asphalt mixing station needs to be reduced.

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