Do you know the characteristics of Tower Type Asphalt Mixing Plant?

Jan. 18, 2020

Tower Type Asphalt Mixing Plant Features:

Tower Type Asphalt Mixing Plant

Tower Type Asphalt Mixing Plant

1: The characteristic structure of tower type asphalt mixing plant is relatively side-by-side, which greatly reduces the floor space of the equipment and eliminates the lifting of finished product trolley mechanism, reducing the failure rate of equipment;

2: Place bag dust on top of the drying drum to reduce heat loss and save fuel and space;

3: The linear vibrating screen driven by the imported vibration motor improves the screening efficiency and reduces the equipment failure rate;

4: Asphalt Mixing Plant adopts double-row plate chain for lifting, which increases the service life of the hoist and improves the stability of operation;

5: Unique stirring blade design and extraordinary power-driven mixing cylinder make mixing easier, efficient and reliable;

6: The optimized structure of the drying drum lifting plate makes the drying system more efficient and stable;

7: Reserved thermal regeneration equipment interface, which can increase the matching thermal regeneration equipment;

8: Dual-machine dual-control full-automatic computer / manual control system with fault self-diagnosis feedback program, making operation simple and safe;

9: Modular design makes handling and installation faster and more convenient.

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