What are the Management Measures for Road Construction Machinery?

Jun. 30, 2020

In the use of construction machinery such as asphalt mixing plants, in addition to doing a good job of repair and maintenance, it is more important to do a good job of management of construction machinery. Only in this way can we reduce costs and obtain economic benefits.

Asphalt Mixing Equipment

Create equipment profile

Due to the concentration of machinery and equipment in the project and the complicated models of machinery and equipment, in order to better manage them, detailed files should be established for each equipment. The name, specifications, machine functions, manufacturer and production date of each piece of machinery and equipment should be recorded in detail. Mechanical equipment operating instructions, maintenance manuals, parts catalogs, repair records, shift records, maintenance records, maintenance plans and repair plans, etc., are important references for equipment maintenance and repair, and should be filled in and entered by a special person. These are like the "resume card" of the equipment, which makes it easy for maintenance personnel to make accurate judgments on the overall performance and "illness" of the equipment as soon as possible, and to eliminate the failure before happening, even if the failure occurs, it can be repaired in time. In this way, the effect of doing more with less can be achieved when managing the equipment.

Equipment maintenance and repair

During the use of the equipment, there will inevitably be continuous changes in technical performance, which will lead to some inevitable phenomena, such as loose fasteners, abnormal sounds, dry friction and oil leakage. If the hidden dangers of these devices are not dealt with in time, they will cause premature wear of the equipment and even cause serious failures. Therefore, the maintenance of the equipment should be done regularly and usually, and the technical condition of the equipment should be improved at any time, which will help reduce the occurrence of equipment failure and extend the service life of the equipment. Practice has proved that the life of equipment depends on a large extent on the quality of maintenance. For this reason, as long as scientifically formulate various repair plans and technical appraisals before major or intermediate repairs, and organize various procedures for equipment repair, it will be possible to continuously improve the quality of repairs, reduce equipment repair costs and use costs. Thus increased profits on the other hand.

Purchase equipment selectively

Design and manufacturing are important parameters reflecting the performance of engineering machinery. For engineering units, it is impossible to directly participate in design and manufacturing, but when we purchase machinery and equipment, we must focus on manufacturers with strong strength and high reputation. At the same time, customers can also reflect the shortcomings of construction machinery in construction to equipment suppliers, and indirectly participate in equipment design updates and manufacturing innovation.

Strengthen the operator's technical training and sense of ownership

The value of equipment is mainly reflected in its use. The use of equipment depends to a large extent on the technical level of the operator. However, for the asphalt mixing plants on most construction sites, the technical level of operation and maintenance personnel is relatively low, which has become a serious problem restricting the production and development of enterprises. Currently, most of the operators recruited by road construction enterprises have not received systematic technical training and have a low level of technology. As a result, the equipment is not only inefficient in production, but also leading to early damage to the machinery due to improper operation and disrepair. Equipment failures also continue to occur. The reasons for these failures are, on the one hand, caused by the lack of responsibility of some operators, but the main reason is that the level of operation skills is low, and they do not have the ability to prevent accidents and eliminate faults, so that after the failure, they do not know what caused those problems, let alone what technical measures to take to improve production efficiency and save bitumen, aggregate, powder, etc., the most situation is there is nothing more to do for them when failure happens. It is impossible for such an operation technology to adapt to the increasingly complex development trend of modern equipment and the high level of electronic control and automation. Therefore, we must strengthen the technical training of the operators, and take a variety of training forms during the construction interval. If conditions permit, we can ask professional technicians to provide hands-by-hand training and technical guidance to the operators of the company, so that the personnel can operate the machinery and equipment skillfully, and can master the technology of maintenance and repair of some machinery and equipment. In the process of training staff, we can adopt the "comparison, learning, surpass" method, and take certain spiritual and material rewards to stimulate their enthusiasm for learning and work.

During production, cultivate the sense of ownership of the operator, and establish a work responsibility mechanism, take rewards and punish inferior measures to manage employees. If the various aspects of the asphalt equipment's management, use, maintenance, and repair are not combined with the economic responsibility system, the enthusiasm of the majority of employees cannot be mobilized. Conversely, if equipment management is combined with responsibilities, rights, and benefits, employees who are well-maintained, hard-working, skilled, and highly ergonomic will be given due salary incentives so that they can keep improving and do their jobs better. Employees who neglect their duties and have equipment failures that cause equipment damage should promptly criticize and educate them and give appropriate cash penalties to arouse their vigilance, prevent or reduce the occurrence of equipment failures, and learn lessons and strengthen their sense of responsibility. In this way, the positive factors of the labor force will be used to further improve the level of equipment management.

Strengthen the management responsibility of Asphalt Mixing Equipment

The equipment responsible department shall establish and improve the production rules of the asphalt mixing plant and clarify its responsibilities. Set up a system for the checking and monitoring of equipment to detect problems in a timely manner and investigate and deal with violations of regulations; it is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment with “diseases”; at the same time, the repair, maintenance or storage of equipment must be done in time to achieve the sustainability and smoothness of operation for asphalt mixing plant.