What are the Sub-Systems of Asphalt Mixing Station?

May. 14, 2020

What are the Sub-Systems of Asphalt Mixing Station?

What are the Sub-Systems of Asphalt Mixing Station?cid=4

Today, common Asphalt Mixing equipment is mainly divided into five series: double drum series. Due to the low gradation, the utilization rate is not high, which is more suitable for projects that do not require high road quality; QLB-Y series, full mobile (Convenient for transfer); QLB-X series (, ready silo bottom-mounted with advantage of saving space and power; side type QLB series of finished products (most popular, moreover, due to cost considerations, ready silo could be saved or as an option).

The final type-green series, is the latest environmentally-friendly asphalt mixing Equipment, also known as a new type of urban green environmental protection equipment. Due to a series of factors such as China's domestic population, environmental pollution, economic development, and policy orientation, China's domestically-made environmentally-friendly equipment has taken the lead in the world.

The latter four series have the advantages of the first gravity dust removal plus the second baghouse dust collector system and the main building's negative pressure dust control design.

The following are commonly used sub-systems or auxiliary equipment for asphalt mixing equipment:

Grading machine/ cold aggregate distribution machine

Drying cylinder/drying drum

Bag dust removal or water dust removal

Hot aggregate elevator

Mixing main building (sieve layer, storage bin, weighing layer, mixing tank)

Boilers and fast-heating asphalt tanks

Control room

Mineral powder bin and waste powder bin


Temporary storage of finished materials/ready silo

Asphalt recycled material crushing and screening system

Asphalt recycling plant(RAP)

Bitumen melting system

Emulsified Asphalt Equipment