"Highway Doctors Demonstrate Their Power Again" ---- City leaders visited the construction site of Xixing Road

May. 19, 2020

Recently, Lu Yuanming, Chairman of Xitong Technology, accompanied Mayor Zhu and related leaders, visited the road maintenance work of Xixing Road from Gaolang Road to Taishan Road, and personally explained the functions and construction process of each unit of ARHR-5120 hot in-place asphalt recycling equipment.

After 10 years of wind and rain and vehicle rolling ,like other roads, Xixing Road has also entered the maintenance period. Over the years, "wrinkles" have been left on its face, and problems such as pits, ruts, rubbing boards, and surface cracks have appeared one after another. The use of hot in-place asphalt regeneration units can be described as "appropriate medicine".

"Highway Doctors Demonstrate Their Power Again"  ---- City leaders visited the construction site of Xixing Road

In the past, there were two kinds of treatments for this kind of disease, one was a carpet-type "milling and resurfacing", and the other was a tickling "micro-surface". The former was treated thoroughly, like a major medical operation, but the amount of engineering was large , high cost, long construction period, road closures are required, difficult to organize traffic on expressways with high traffic volume, and large resource consumption, which is not in line with the development mode of "green, low-carbon, and environmental protection"; while the latter is like "minimally invasive surgery", although It is economical and fast, but it is only suitable for weak road diseases, and its stability and effect cannot be guaranteed for a long time.

"Highway Doctors Demonstrate Their Power Again"  ---- City leaders visited the construction site of Xixing Road

In addition to the wide adaptability of pavement diseases and the elimination of the tedious steps that have to be completed independently in the past, the hot in-place regeneration technology could use 100% of the milled raw materials, and only close the construction lanes with a limited distance, and the other lanes are open .

At the scene, everyone saw a train of similar mechanical trains lined up in line. This unit train was divided into six subunits, with three preheating units in front, followed by a milling machine, double-layer heating machine, and remixer, equipped with paver and roller. Just like changing magic, the damaged pavement is covered with a magic cloth curtain, and instantly lifted up is a black and bright new road. The whole process is like ironing the clothes. The road is smoothed out in one go, like a new life, and the effect is immediate.

Zhou Huawei, a senior engineer at Wuxi Xitong Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd., answered reporters' questions on the spot: "Asphalt pavement in-place heat regeneration technology is to heat the pavement by a large-scale automated integrated operation machine to soften it, and mechanically loosen the old pavement, and then according to the needs , add a certain amount of new material, mixi it, and then re-spread the mixed material on site. This kind of in-place material extraction process only needs about 10% of the new material, and the engineering cost is reduced by half. " The person in charge at the scene introduced to reporters: "Traditional road surface repairs require tedious steps that need to be completed separately, such as milling, turning, and transportation. Now they are all omitted. The thermal regeneration unit with a compact process flow is a new road. This section generates 5420 Tons of waste materials will all be used, the most direct benefit is to avoid environmental pollution and 100% of raw materials are recycled and reused. "

As a requirement of the corresponding national environmental protection policy and the future development trend of road maintenance, for a long time, the municipal, district governments and leaders at all levels have given full attention and support to the development and use of Xitong hot in-place asphalt recycling equipment. The maintenance of Xixing Road is small case for the maintenance of the city's roads. Xitong people believe that in the near future, whether it is on the way to work or on the way home, you will see the Xitong hot in-place asphalt regeneration units busy working in the other lane.