How to Properly Control the Temperature of the Mixture in the Asphalt Mixing Plant?

Oct. 12, 2020

In the working process of the Asphalt Mixing Plant, the quality of the mixture is often related to its final construction quality. So we need to improve the quality level of the mixture as much as possible, and the temperature of the mixture is one of the criteria for the conformity assessment of the mixture. In other words, if the temperature is too high or too low, it may cause the mixture to become waste, which cannot meet the needs of users.

Asphalt Mixing Plant

Asphalt Mixing Plant

Therefore, reasonable control of the temperature of the mixture is one of the basic conditions that the asphalt mixing plant must meet in normal production. Among them, the quality of the fuel will affect the temperature of the mixture. For example, if the quality of the fuel is poor, the heating value is low, and the burning is insufficient, it will lead to unstable heating, lower temperature, and a large amount of residue will be generated after burning, which affects the quality of the asphalt mixture. If the viscosity is large, it will cause difficulty in ignition and difficult to control the temperature.

In addition to the above two factors, the water content of raw materials (cold aggregate) is also an important factor that cannot be ignored. If the moisture content of the raw materials is high, it is also very difficult to control the temperature during the production process of the asphalt mixing plant. In addition, the technical status of the burning system, the pressure of the fuel supply pump, and the amount of fuel injection will all affect the temperature of the mixture. If the burning system has problems such as wear, leaks, or blockages, the performance of the system will be discounted.

If the amount of oil supply is not stable, it will also affect the temperature control level. Although there have been some mixing plants with automatic temperature control function, there is still a long process between the temperature detection and the addition and subtraction of the flame to adjust the temperature, so there will be a lag namely., which will still have some impact to production work of asphalt plant.

Therefore, throughout the production process of the asphalt mixing plant, we need to predict the results in advance, and we must pay attention to observe the production of the entire system, control the temperature reasonably, and reduce or eliminate the occurrence of waste.