The Importance of Lubricating Oil in Asphalt Mixing Plant

May. 21, 2020

Some customers often feel that the asphalt mixing plant is not durable and has frequent problems after buying, even if customers sometimes buy expensive or famous brand asphalt mixing plants, so they complained that I spent so much money. bought such a big brand of mixing station, how is the quality still so bad.

In fact, in the use of asphalt mixing plants, they ignore a very important link---maintenance, the better the equipment, the more timely and professional maintenance is required, so it would be more durable, shows a better peformance and produces a higher output of asphalt mixture. The lubrication of equipment and components is a particularly important part of maintenance. Just as a car must be maintained when it reaches 5000 kilometers or 10,000 kilometers, the car will definitely be broken if it is not maintained, and the more expensive the car is, the finer it is to maintain, and the more money is spent, the same is true for asphalt mixing plants. So, how to properly lubricate?

The Importance of Lubricating Oil in Asphalt Mixing Plant

First of all, every part of the asphalt mixing plant must be regularly added with appropriate lubricants; in terms of the amount of lubricant oil, it must be kept full, and the oil layer should reach the level specified by the standard, not excessive or too small, otherwise it will affect The operation of the components; in terms of oil quality, it must be clean and must not be mixed with impurities such as mud, dust, cuttings and moisture, so as to avoid damage to the parts of the asphalt mixing plant due to poor lubrication.

Secondly, the lubricating oil in the oil tank should be changed regularly. Before changing, the oil tank must be cleaned to avoid contaminating the new oil. In order not to be affected by external factors, containers such as fuel tanks must be kept well sealed so that impurities cannot invade.