How to correct use Mobile Asphalt Plant?

Jan. 15, 2020

With the development of society, more and more people are investing in Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant. But the question comes. Now that you have an idea, how to buy and screen. The commercial concrete mixing station equipment belongs to the large-scale equipment in the series of mixing stations. Compared with the simple concrete mixing station, its investment capital is large. The entire mixing station is also equipped with a large production line. Technical requirements are strict. When choosing a manufacturer, users must keep their eyes open to avoid mistakes in purchasing machines, which will cause difficulties in later construction. Before buying a commercial concrete mixing station, you should first understand and clarify your current situation and specific needs, such as: how much site can your current funds go to, how much concrete you want to mix every day, the level of concrete, How much money to buy equipment is your own range and so on. Then you have to go to a regular and powerful manufacturer to buy it. You must make an on-site inspection to ensure that the hourly output meets the standard. Don't listen to bad manufacturers flickering.

Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

What are the environmental requirements for Asphalt Mixing Plant?

The new regulations for the use of dust-free hardened ground at the mobile stabilized soil mixing station operating site require that the ground surface of the factory roads and production operation areas should be hardened roads such as concrete or asphalt concrete, and measures should be taken to keep them clean and the vehicles running. There is no visible dust, and the unhardened open space should be greened. Some mixing station sites used to have a poor working environment, which often brought a lot of dust pollution, and now uniformly requires the use of dust-free ground. Cycle driving routes should be set up in the factory area, and signs such as guidance, warning and positioning should be set up. There should also be a car wash in the factory area, which can effectively reduce environmental pollution.

During the production process, high-efficiency dust-proof devices must be installed on the production facilities. Ready-mixed concrete enterprises should use advanced and high-quality products with low noise, low energy consumption, and low emissions. Eliminate equipment explicitly prohibited. The process in the mixing production process must be more scientific. For example, bag dust prevention devices must be installed in the feeding, batching, mixing and other links to achieve efficient dust removal and meet the requirements of reducing noise and dust emission indicators.

Mobile Asphalt Plant and station transport vehicles should be kept clean and must not be "ill". Running Hefei already has a standardized green and environmentally friendly concrete mixing station. Compared with the traditional mixing station construction, the stockyard here is closed, and the appearance of the main building is more Like the factory workshop, the workshop is also equipped with a dust collection system to achieve zero discharge of wastewater, waste materials, and waste slurry. This environmentally-friendly and green mixing station will be fully implemented.