Use and Maintenance of Drying Drum for Asphalt Mixing Equipment

Jul. 29, 2020

Specific operation methods of the drying drum of Asphalt Mixing Equipment

1. Pay attention to routine inspection; 2. Correct operation methods; 3. Reasonable maintenance

Drying drum is a cylindrical-shaped device for asphalt concrete mixing equipment designed to heat and dry aggregate. The correct use and maintenance of the drying drum can maximize its performance, extend its service life and reduce the cost of use. Let's take a look at the specific operation method.

 Asphalt Mixing Equipment

1. Pay attention to routine inspections

Asphalt mixing equipment dryingdrumss have been tested and inspected before leaving the factory, but they will be subject to bumps and vibrations during transportation to the construction site. A comprehensive inspection should be performed before use: check whether all bolts are tightened; whether all keys are reliable knocked in; whether all drive devices are adjusted according to the manufacturer's instructions; whether all pipeline connections are correct and whether the pipe joints are safe and reliable; whether the entire drum assembly is completely lubricated; start the motor and check whether all parts can be smoothly rotated in the correct direction of rotation; Whether the pressure gauge can work normally, whether the safety valve is adjusted to the correct pressure, whether the burner ignition mechanism is suitable, and whether the valve is open.

2. Correct operation method

After the asphalt plant is started, it is recommended to manually operate the equipment at the beginning to reach the specified production capacity and discharged temperature before switching to automatic control mode. The raw aggregate should be dried and as constant as possible in moisture content so that the aggregate will maintain a constant final temperature as it flows through the drying drum. If the aggregates sent to the drying drum change frequently and the moisture content of each batch changes, the burner should be adjusted frequently to compensate for these changes.

The aggregate directly from the stone crusher has almost constant water content, while the aggregate taken from the open storage yard has a higher water content, additionally the water content of different stockpiles also varies greatly. Therefore, the aggregate is best taken from the same source.

3. Reasonable maintenance

(1) When the equipment is not running, the aggregate is not allowed to stay in the drying drum. At the end of each working day, the equipment should be operated to remove the aggregate from the drying drum. As soon as the aggregate in the drum is unloaded, the burner should be turned off and make the drum body idle(spin without aggregate) for about 30 minutes to cool down, so as to minimize its deformation or the effect on the linear operation to the drum.

(2) The support ring of the drying drum shall be evenly seated on all supporting rollers. Bearings should be adjusted against wear or misalignment.

(3) Always check the alignment of the drum. First loosen the thrust roller and check the extent to which it can move within the length of the slot on the support bracket. Then start the drying drum, if it is moved back and forth, check whether all the supporting rollers have been adjusted upright. If the support roller has been adjusted upright and the drum gradually approaches the feeding end, the thrust roller is temporarily offset back and forth (to make the drying drum at the correct working angle) until the adjustment is correct. If the drum gradually approaches the discharge end, adjust the thrust roller from the opposite direction.

(4) If the roller track is in contact with only one of the two thrust rollers, a gap sheet can be filled under the support roller support until they are evenly pressed across the entire width of the support ring surface.

(5)It is stipulated that the position of the drum is maintained by the thrust roller, however, it must not be used to compensate for misalignment errors.

(6)If a chain drive is installed, add a small amount of lubricant. The method of adjusting the chain tension is to adjust with the adjusting screw on the support.