What are the preparations before starting the Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant?

Jan. 08, 2020

As special equipment, standardize the operating process of Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant, an important production tool, do daily maintenance, conduct regular inspections, and eliminate hidden dangers of accidents, etc., which can effectively ensure the safety and stability of the equipment and prevent incorrect operation of the equipment. Injuries and losses are caused, and good maintenance operations can greatly increase the life of the asphalt mixing plant. Therefore, before daily operation, we must properly maintain the asphalt mixing station, so that the asphalt mixing station can operate better and create wealth. As a Mobile Asphalt Plant Manufacturer, I will share the preparations before starting.

LB Mobile Asphalt Plant

LB Mobile Asphalt Plant

Before starting the whole machine for the first time every day, you must start the air compressor first, and manually test whether the three weighing doors and mixing door are opened and closed normally and the detected signals are normal; if the above manual test machine is normal, restart Asphalt spray pump test spray pump, at the same time, turn on the asphalt circulation pump to check whether it can be started normally; if it is normal, enter the normal start of the whole machine. The purpose of this is to confirm that the asphalt the station mixing system is working properly, the asphalt spray pump is operating normally, and to prevent the door from opening after the machine starts, the tank door cannot be opened, the spray pump cannot be started, and automatic mixing cannot be performed. 

Before starting the automatic ignition of the drying drum burner, be sure to start the induced draft fan (appropriate damper) and burner blower of the asphalt station, and let them run for a few minutes before entering the burner automatic ignition program. This is mainly to fully exhaust the flue gas in the drying drum, to avoid the possibility of a drying drum explosion or a dust box an explosion during the ignition process of the burner, especially when the ignition fails twice and the ignition and the drying drum are still hot whiles the ignition fails twice or more When re-ignition, pay more attention to this detail.

After the burner of the asphalt station is ignited, wait until the exhaust the gas temperature reaches 100 ° C before starting to charge the cold material. If the feeding is premature, heating the cold aggregate when there is still moisture in the bag will cause the moisture and the bone dust in the bag to stick together, which will block the air gap of the bag and affect the dust removal effect of the tape.

When the asphalt station is shut down, it is best to keep the drying drum, induced draft fan, and dust removal system running for about 5 minutes after the shutdown condition is reached, and then all shut down. This is mainly to allow the drying drum to fully dissipate heat, so as not to deform the drum due to excessive temperature shutdown. At the same time, the operation of the induced draft fan and the dust removal system reduces the dust adhered to the tape, thereby reducing the impact of the dust on the air permeability of the tape due to moisture. Our company also sells LB Mobile Asphalt Plant, welcome to consult.