Key Role of Dosing System in Asphalt Mixing Plant

Aug. 05, 2020

The Asphalt Mixing Plant is a large-scale complete set of equipment with multiple links and multiple sub-systems. Each sub-system has its own duties. Only when it works together can it produce qualified asphalt mixture.

Asphalt Mixing Plant

First of all, the operator should be proficient in the structure of the sub-systems of the mixing plant and its operating principles. On this basis, strictly control the details of each process, especially the weighing system. The quality of the weighing operation directly affects the asphalt mixture on technical indicators.

Regarding the aggregate weighing system

(1)Adhere to each discharge door, the opening and closing actions are sensitive and agile;

(2) Each unloading port must be unblocked, and there must be no sediment, to ensure that the stone can flow down quickly and evenly during the measurement;

(3) All discharge doors should be closed in time and sealed well, and there should be no material leakage at the end of single material measurement;

(4) Around the aggregate weighing hopper, always keep clean, there must be no foreign objects, and avoid jamming, and ensure that the aggregate scale is completely suspended at all times;

(5) Each aggregate load cell must have a balanced preload, a common stress and a sensitive induction.

Regarding the powder measurement system, we should pay attention to the following points:

(1) Adhere to the unblocking of powder transportation pipelines, and there must be no obstruction;

(2) The feeder or valve should be sealed tightly and at the end of the measurement; powder should not leak;

(3) Often remove dust and other debris from the powder measuring bucket to keep it clean;

(4) All weighing systems must be sealed well to prevent the powder from being damp and agglomerated;

(5) The powder material should be completely discharged, and there should be no residual powder in the scale. The discharge door must be closed tightly.

Pay attention to the asphalt weighing system:

(1) Before starting production, the pipeline must be sufficiently heated to ensure that the asphalt temperature in the system reaches a regular value;

(2) The asphalt spraying pipeline must be clean and unblocked, and some nozzles must not be blocked, otherwise the spraying is uneven and affects mixing.

(3) The asphalt spray pump or open valve should be tightly closed to ensure that there is no dripping scene after the asphalt spraying is finished;

(4) The action of the asphalt weighing changeover valve must be accurate, timely, and excellent in sealing. The suspension of the asphalt weighing bucket must be strong and sensitive.